Art begins with history

Art begins with history

About us

We are engaged in producing unique series and theatrical plays, which are united by a common concept:

all our projects are entertaining in their setting, but also historical in their facture.

We want this kind of content to captivate an audience around the world, so we want to invite world stars and talented debutants of the film industry to the main roles in our projects. They should become the guides of our ideas.

Our mission is to educate and entertain through movies, series and theatrical performances.

Projects in progress:

Red String
Historical and entertaining series for streaming services

The huge international series "Red String" is about the history of Jewish people during the Babylonian captivity. This project is unique of its kind, since there is no series that has been released and touched such an important period for Jews around the world so far

Theater of new Aliyah in Israel
Theatrical performances

There is an imbalance in the modern cultural agenda of Israel: the themes of the Holocaust and war outweigh the whole different history of the Jewish people, outweigh modern human problems, questions of self-consciousness and self-determination. The modern viewer needs relevant and existential theater, revealing how a person who is a part of the Jewish society lives today. Our project wants to fix it!

The project involves the creation of a troupe of 8–12 talented, professional actors, mainly new repatriates, who will participate in staging three performances simultaneously. After touring all over Israel, a world tour is planned throughout Europe.
The two projects are based on the real history of the Jewish people.

Creative team

Our team is a group of creative and talented professionals who bring original ideas to life.

Working together, we are moving towards a common goal: creating projects that will educate and leave vivid impressions.

  • Miсhael Rubin
  • Grigory Kakovkin
    theatre director
  • Artem Vitkin
  • Adam Nasirov

We are constantly searching for:

  • Producers and distributors around the world who are interested in finding unique TV and film products.

  • Professionals who are ready to receive and share professional experience in the field of film production.
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